In recent years, stocks and bonds have become increasingly volatile. Many investors in Canada are seeking to diversify their investment portfolio in order to have more security in their returns. Investing in real estate first mortgages has always been viewed as being stable for both the beginner and the affluent investor, and is increasingly becoming more recommended for investment in Canada.


Nautical Lands Mortgage Investment Corporation (NLMIC) has created a unique business model that allows those seeking to invest in Canadian real estate to make a low-risk, worry-free investment that offers consistent returns. The stability associated with real estate investments is further increased by the growing need for retirement and living solutions for seniors.

Over the next two decades, the “baby boomers” will be retiring. By 2030, the number of seniors is estimated to reach 23.6% of Canada’s population, an increase of just over 8% from 2013.

The numbers above confirm that the demand for senior living solutions is sure to grow in Canada. Investing in the senior living segment of the residential real estate market is sure to bring superior returns as demand increases.

Real Estate Investment Canada

Nautical Lands MIC invests its mortgages solely in Canadian real estate. Its unique business model provides low-risk investment opportunities by building retirement communities. Nautical Lands Group is dedicated to providing luxurious living solutions that are also affordable; and they are internationally recognized as leaders in the retirement and adult lifestyle community living industries.

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