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Mortgage Investment Corporation

Nautical Lands Group Mortgage Investment Corporation (NLMIC) provides investors with the opportunity to participate in construction mortgages with Nautical Lands Group. Our streamlined approach allows us to by-pass higher costs and time delays associated with traditional forms of interim construction financing.

NLMIC’s objective is to create a steady stream of income for investors by way of construction mortgages to a very experienced team of retirement community developers. With a growing demand for senior housing and long-term care in Canada, these investments are suitable for sophisticated RRSP or non-registered investors seeking a steady stream of income with superior returns compared to traditionally-offered investments.

Since 1996, Nautical Lands Group has been dedicated to building multi-residential senior housing. Through in-house design, planning, project management, building, operating and owning the communities, Nautical Lands Group offers a luxurious yet cost-effective solution for senior living in Ontario and Alberta.

Since 2009, the Nautical Lands Mortgage Investment Corporation has provided financing to the Nautical Lands Group projects.



By pooling the resources of our investors, Nautical Lands Mortgage Investment Corporation creates mortgages exclusively for Nautical Lands Group Projects. Investing exclusively in Canadian real estate, NLMIC offers a unique, low-risk investment opportunity to our investors.



When you invest with our Canadian Mortgage Investment Corporation, your investment is RRSP eligible. Our MIC shares are a qualified investment within a self-directed RRSP, and they are also eligible on a non-registered basis, offering you flexibility for your investment.


Investing through a Mortgage Investment Corporation is considered low risk and suitable for those investors seeking a two to five-year investment. You can rest assured knowing your investment is secured by mortgage-backed security (MBS) on solid assets.


Nautical Lands Mortgage Investment Corporation does not charge management fees. All paperwork for both registered and non-registered investors can be facilitated by Nautical Lands Group.

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Nautical Lands Group has an extensive portfolio of Mortgage Investment Corporation’s real estate investment successes. With traditional Retirement and Adult Lifestyle Communities across Ontario, Nautical Lands Mortgage Investment Corporation offers you a reliable, RRSP & TFSA eligible investment opportunity in a growing sector of the real estate market in Canada.

Take a look at some of our recently completed projects. From concrete slab, wood framing, and siding, to 5-storey steel and concrete with brick and stone.

Projects On the Horizon &

New Developments

The growing demand for senior living solutions in the real estate industry has plenty of future opportunities for those seeking an RRSP & TFSA eligible investment or an investment that is low-risk and promises consistent returns. Our future builds are underway. With multiple Wellings Communities open, and others either in planning or under construction, we are fulfilling the established need for senior living solutions in Canada.

Wellings is our lifestyle community brand, for adults 55+. The Wellings concept has already won the Globals award for best retirement village plan worldwide, as well as an award for best affordable village plan worldwide. A recognized global leader in the senior healthcare industry, Nautical Lands Group continues to break ground where there is a need for community living solutions for those aged 55+.